Christy Monroe is a stand up comedian, author, motivational speaker, actress, and stripper. She lives in both Brooklyn, NY and Miami, FL with her two dogs, Siqui and Bookah, and her cat, Five.

Siqui, Bookah, and Five
Born in Manhattan, and raised in rural north western New Jersey, Christy enjoyed a happy childhood with her siblings. She attended private Catholic school, learned to ski, and practiced martial arts. 
At the age of 11, her world changed. Her father committed suicide, and her mother coped with drugs and alcohol. The victim of physical, verbal, and sexual abuse, Christy was relinquished to foster care at the age of 13.
Due to further abuse and issues at school, Christy ran away when she was 15, and became homeless.
Christy and Her Brother
At the age of 16 Christy became a legally emancipated minor and began college at Arizona State University. Her original major was Housing and Urban Development. During this time she began training in American Pankration, and was introduced to ground fighting.
One year later she was accepted into prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where she changed her major to Architecture. At that time she tried out for a martial arts reality TV show, and became sponsored on a well known JuJitsu team. Christy was able to connect with a long lost uncle, who trained her in Kung Fu. 
She began independently teaching martial arts at the age of 18.
Christy in High School
Christy Teaching at Her School
In April of 2014 Christy made the decision to become a stripper.
In November of 2016 Christy decided to translate her experiences in that controversial field into a unique comedy act.
Christy Monroe is a fast rising star in the world of stand up. She's been featured on WorldStar, the Comedy Cellar's podcast, has appeared on Howard Stern, and headlines across the country.
At the age of 20 Christy was expelled from Pratt Institute and diagnosed with severe narcolepsy one week later.
She met and married a Marine and moved to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.
During her husband's first deployment she opened her own Mixed Martial Arts school. The school was a success, and Christy was able to positively impact more than 300 students over the next 4 years.
In June of 2013 Christy got divorced. She decided to close her martial arts school and move to Florida to be closer to family.
Christy's first ever comedy show

At the end of 2019 Christy published her first book, Something Ridiculous, which is now for sale on Amazon. In 2020 she began doing book readings and signings, motivational speaking, and teaching seminars. Christy Monroe is a person who's always looking ahead. She is passionate about being an activist for women and children who are trapped in human trafficking and the sex slave industry.

A wise man once told Christy, "The only thing everyone in the world has in common is that they feel alone."

Christy's mission is to change that.