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Busy, Busy

I've been keeping very busy. I designed a logo! I worked on it for about 20 hours. I also purchased a screen printing kit and plan on selling T-shirts and Merchandise very soon!

I'm going to work tomorrow night, then fly to NYC in the morning to film the first episode of my new web series. After filming I have a meeting at an extremely exclusive club in Manhattan which may consider passing my act! The next day I have a meeting with Central Casting Agency, and then two doctors appointments. After that, I'll spend a couple days visiting my brother, who is in prison.

In addition to all that, I am uploading a second edition copy of my book, Something Ridiculous. After that I am sending packages to Strand and other book stores in NYC and the surrounding area.

I'm going to come back to NYC in the middle of March to film another episode of this show. At the end of March it is likely I am going to Los Angeles for an audition.

As if that's not enough, I am trying really, really hard to complete my second book. I'm hoping it'll be finished by the end of March.

All of this traveling is daunting, but I keep telling myself it's going to pay off very soon. I keep believing in this cause. "It's going to work" is a mantra I repeat to myself daily.

Finally, and most importantly, are my two sweet, innocent God daughters. who are currently in foster care in Detroit. I've referenced the situation in previous blog posts. This GoFundMe was created by their father, who is the person I believe the children should be living with. Please consider donating, even if it's just $5.

Thank you for reading!

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