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This Prostitute I Know

There's this girl, I've known her for about 10 years. I used to be married to someone in the military, and my husband was in her husband's unit. We'll call her Megan, and we'll call her husband Aaron.

Megan and Aaron met on the internet and got married a couple of days later. Aaron was 18, and Megan was 21. Their relationship was almost immediately tumultuous, and within 6 weeks of meeting each other they were pregnant with a baby girl.

My husband and I had our life together. We owned a nice home, each had a nice car, I owned a martial arts school, and my husband was doing well in the military and constantly receiving achievement awards.

Megan and Aaron came to us and asked us to be the God parents of their new baby. My husband and I responded that we were flattered, but didn't they want to choose people they had known longer, like childhood friends, or their sister, or someone like that? They said no, and that they'd thought about it thoroughly, and really wanted it to be us. My husband and I agreed.

9 months later the baby was born. We'll call her Violet. Violet was beautiful and I was instantly in love with her. But things could not stay simple. Megan and Aaron quickly began falling apart. They were cheating on each other. Megan was frequently threatening to commit suicide. Military police and the command had to intervene on more than one occasion. Very, very sadly, the baby fell by the wayside. Her needs were not being met. She was constantly sick, constantly dirty, and constantly crying. At one point I was going to babysit my God daughter. She was crying inconsolably. When I took off her diaper I was absolutely mortified to find, what looked to me, like an STD. I contacted CPS and an investigation was opened.

I believe that because of Aaron's stable job in the military, they were able to alleviate the social worker's concerns, and nothing really came of the investigation. Things did not improve with their situation, and before long, Megan was pregnant again.

Aaron deployed, and when he came back Megan almost immediately gave birth to a second daughter. The second daughter looked absolutely nothing like Aaron or her sister, and I encouraged Aaron to get a DNA test. He never followed through.

Fast forward, my husband and I got divorced in 2013. In 2014 I became a stripper. In 2018 I was living in Brooklyn, NY and working at a good club on Long Island. In 2018 Megan contacted me to tell me she and Aaron were getting divorced. She was now 33 years old with a 7 and 5 year old, no education, no work history, no savings, and destroyed credit. She was also driving her now ex boyfriend's stolen car.

She was panicked, and said she planned to fight for custody of her daughters. I told her I would teach her how to strip, provided she used the money to pay for a lawyer, and get herself on her feet.

I warned her that stripping is extremely challenging and will test even the strongest women both physically and mentally. I taught her everything I knew, to the best of my ability. I got her hired at my club on Long Island. I explained to her that I am unusually good at stripping, had been doing it (at that time) for 4 years, and that she should not compare how much money I make to how much money she makes. I told her that because I didn't want her to feel discouraged.

I also instructed her not to talk about her kids. I told her to make an instagram account, do not give out her phone number, have guys follow her on instagram only. I told her men were going to promise her the world, and make her believe they wanted to swoop in and take care of her, and that she needed to stay mentally strong and never fall for any of that. Of course, she listened to nothing, and almost immediately started doing all the wrong things.

The truth is, she was a terrible dancer. I didn't think someone could be so bad at dancing. At home, on my stripper pole I tried to give her lessons, but it was honestly a mortifying display.

Long story short, we got in a fight because I was trying to keep her from getting fired. She left, and drove to the middle of the country. I tried to warn her that she would not have the same experience dancing in the ghetto city she drove to, that she was having on Long Island.

She listened to no one. She had possession of her daughters, and before long she was a full blown prostitute with a pimp, living with another prostitute. Her kids were barely ever going to school, didn't have adequate clothing or food, and were acting out.

I didn't think things could get worse. But then she slept with the boyfriend of the prostitute she was living with and thought she was pregnant. Apparently she moved the kids to a hotel near an airport. Before long, her ex boyfriend's stolen car's tires were slashed. I guess some other drama ensured, and Megan took the kids to go live with her pimp, who had drugs and guns in the house. I called CPS and the police, who showed up at his door. Megan and the kids weren't there. He kicked them out, and within 12 hours Megan was found wandering down the side of the highway, in the winter, with the kids, having a manic breakdown. I'm told the kids did not have winter coats or proper shoes.

There's so much more to this story, but honestly it would take way too long to write. Megan had made a facebook page using her stripper name with her children's real last name. The prostitute she was living with told me she would bring men home from the strip club and have sex with them for money in front of her children. Megan herself said the kids would be fine dealing with her mental break down episodes, and that we all see bad shit when we're kids.

Thankfully, the CPS workers and police have been doing their job to protect the children. They've been in foster care for the past 3 months. I wrote a notarized affidavit stating everything I knew, and that I believe full custody should be given to Aaron and his new wife.

Initially Megan's response to this whole thing was to block me. She's attempted to contact me several times over the past couple months. She texted me at one point from a strange number that she had been stabbed, but I didn't respond. She texted me telling me I was stupid for believing the other prostitute, and that she's never prostituted herself (even though she specifically told me she has). She's also messaged me begging me to withdraw the affidavit.

I have no interest in speaking to Megan. My concern has only ever been for the children. Now that they are safe, I honestly don't care to speak to Megan.

Moving into the next phase of my life, I want to focus on public speaking and advocating for girls who want to leave sex work behind. But I have to look at Megan's case and realize she does not want help. Like I said, there's a lot more to this story than what I wrote about tonight. Megan ended up in the situation she's in because she is extremely selfish and lazy. I won't be able to help women who don't want to help themselves.

I feel really sad for the kids. I wrote each of them a letter to tell them I love them and that, some day soon, I will see them. Their step mom sent me a list of clothing and school items that they need, and I will be purchasing everything I can for them.

I hope that some day when they are older they will know how much I've always loved and cared about them, and I hope they will receive necessary intervention now, to undo the damage Megan has done to them.

This picture is about 8 years old. Violet was about two-years-old, and her sister was about 9-months-old. I love them SO much, and hope this nightmare will be over really soon.

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