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Weary Traveler

As I write this blog, I am sitting in an airport in Las Vegas. When I originally booked this trip, I regret to say it was to pursue a potential love interest. The love interest dissolved after the tickets were purchased, but before the trip was taken. I was faced with a dilemma. Should I stay home, make money, and let the tickets go to waste, or should I go on an adventure? Of course I chose the adventure. I flew from NYC to Vegas, took a bus to L.A., drove to Palmdale, then back to L.A., flew to Vegas, and now I am flying to Charlotte, then finally home to NYC. Each time I take a trip (which feels like I am gone more than I am home) I meet new people, have new experiences, see new places, and learn to trust my gut. This trip could have been more productive, but I am still glad I took it.

I did some open mics in L.A., saw one of my family members in Vegas, and got to take a day trip to Palmdale (which was kind of cool, to see where Afroman is from).

The potential love interest was a comedian I met the last time I was in L.A.. What I'm about to say might seem a little cocky, but here it goes: what I am doing in comedy has never been done before. "Tall, handsome, white guy" comedy is great for middle America, married people, who want to safe laugh at safe jokes. There is definitely value in that type of comedy. But when you are doing that type of comedy, you aren't reinventing the wheel, like I am. People all over the country are really excited about my comedy. I've been put on some really big shows, and I've been catching the attention of some really notable people in the industry. Approximately a week ago I was featured on the Comedy Cellar podcast, which is a massive accomplishment in the industry. The person I was interested in got really, really mean. He basically said the Comedy Cellar (the best comedy club in the country) didn't matter. He said he never bothered to watch any of my videos, despite knowing I watched all of his, and read everything he wrote on his website, and gave him advice when he asked for it, and shared his videos, and encouraged my followers (which I have 4 times as many as he does) to follow him.

So, obviously, his disdain was driven by jealousy. It was unfortunate, because all I ever wanted to do was help him. But I can't slow myself down to help someone who doesn't even care about me.

I'm going to keep powering through, no matter what.

Sometimes I get sad, because I would really love to have a partner in life. But I have faith that the right person will come along at the right time. Until then, I'll keep building my empire.

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