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Work Hard

I'm frequently asked why I've been able to make so much progress in this industry so quickly. I feel like the answer is pretty simple. I show up, on time and prepared, when I say I'm going to be somewhere and do something. You'd be really shocked to know how difficult of a concept that is for most people in this industry.

I'm writing tonight a little disappointed. I worked really hard to set up a day of filming with some well known touring comedians. Despite confirming twice with the owner of a location, they canceled on me less than 24 hours before our shoot.

Separate from that, I offered a friend of mine who is a dancer an opportunity to be a part of the project. She knew nothing about the location problem. At 1:00 in the morning she texted me. She told me she was having a bad night at work, and as a result, didn't want to come out for filming.

Do you know how often I walk off a plane totally exhausted, and go straight to a set to film? Do you know how often I suffer through a family tragedy, and then go perform at a comedy show a few hours later?

I don't expect praise or anything. The success I have is all the praise I need. I frequently try to offer opportunities to my friends, so that they can get exposure and be a part of some of the cool experiences I've been having. I can't think of one single time that I offered something to a friend, and they took me up on it.

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