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Christy Monroe is a stripper and nationally touring headlining comedian. She’s also the survivor of a horrific childhood. Something Ridiculous chronicles that childhood, capturing the fear, the sorrow, the humorous, and the odd. Her father was an erratic, out of control drug user, who, despite his demons, was loving, protective, and pivotal to the person Christy would grow up to be. “The only thing everyone in the world has in common is that they feel alone.”When Christy was 11 years old, this was the last thing her father said to her before he committed suicide. What followed was a life of beatings, sexual abuse, starvation, and neglect from her mother and her mother’s married boyfriend. Something Ridiculous is a story about the struggle to understand suicide, and the ripple effects of such a death. Most of all, Something Ridiculous is the story of a young girl’s descent into hell and how she survived it.

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